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World Soil Day (2024): Wishes, Messages, Quotes And Images

World Soil Day

World Soil Day is celebrated annually on December 5 to increase public awareness of the importance of healthy soil and to encourage the sustainable management of soil resources. The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) issued a resolution in 2002 proposing that December 5 be recognized as World Soil Day to acknowledge the significance of soil as a fundamental component of the natural system and a critical contributor to human well-being.

The date of December 5 was chosen since it was the birthday of the late H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, who was one of the major supporters of this initiative. The FAO Conference in June 2013 decisively endorsed World Soil Day, and the 68th UN General Assembly was asked to adopt it formally. In December 2013, the 68th UN General Assembly declared December 5 “World Soil Day.”

The theme of World Soil Day 2024

World Soil Day in 2024 will have the theme “Soils: where Food Begins.” It emphasizes the importance of protecting both ecological health and human welfare. The topic aims to increase awareness of soil challenges, bring attention to the growing changes in soil management, and inspire people to take action to improve soil health.

Several factors make World Soil Day a crucial tool for advocacy, including the following:

1) The UN asserts that soil management is essential since there are more living creatures in a tablespoon of soil than people on Earth.

2) 33% of soils, according to the UN, have already degraded. To secure global food security, soil replenishment is crucial since 95% of all food comes from dirt, which the expanding population stresses.

3) The UN projects that to meet the expected global food demand, which peaked at 8 billion people last month, agricultural production would need to increase by 60% by 2050. Given that soils provide 15 of the 18 naturally occurring chemicals that plants need to survive, sustainable management of soil resources is essential in this respect.

4) According to a UN study, healthy ecosystems might generate up to 58 percent more food with proper soil management.

World Soil Day Wishes 2024:

  • Without soil, we cannot exist and survive. On this day, let’s work to save the Earth.
  • We need to make everyone around us aware of the importance of soil for the existence of every creature on the planet.
  • We must take care of the soil differently before it’s too late.
  • Let us evaluate the strength of the soil.

Ideas for observing World Soil Day

In your community, at school, or home, commemorate World Soil Day. Composting is a quick task that can help you begin to appreciate soil’s extraordinary properties.

Read up

The day was intended to increase public awareness of the unintended environmental harm that people commit. Since ignorance is mainly to a fault, educating ourselves and others is the only way to counteract this.

Go to a community garden.

You could have a lasting bond with dirt if you constantly engage with it. Visit a community garden with your family. Plant both literal and symbolic seeds and watch them grow.

World Soil Day

World Soil Day 2024: Quotes

  1. Charles Dowding: {Your soil and plants are friends that benefit from constant care and attention to the details I explain}
  2. Tim Flannery:[A tree’s most important means of staying connected to other trees is a “wood wide web” of soil fungi that connects vegetation in an intimate network that allows the sharing of an enormous amount of information and goods]
  3. Dalai Lama ūüôĀ The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness)

World Soil Day Dates Observance:

  • 2024 December 5 Thursday
  • 2025 December 5 Friday
  • 2026 December 5, Saturday

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