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World Statistics Day (2024): Top Wishes, Quotes, Messages & HD Images

World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day is a day set aside globally to honor statistics. It was established by the UN Statistical Commission and first observed on October 20, 2024. Once every five years, the day is observed. As of 2022, 103 nations observed a national statistics day, 51 of which are African nations that come together to observe African Statistics Day every 18 November. The day after Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis’ birthday, on June 29, India observes Statistics Day.

On the same day at 20:10, the Royal Statistical Society of the United Kingdom started its get stats statistical literacy program (on 20.10.2010). Statistics support factual assertions and critical judgments. In addition, statistics are crucial for identifying patterns and trending topics. These are all good reasons to celebrate statistics.

Every year on October 20th, World Statistics Day 2024 observe to recognize the value of statistics in our daily lives. The use of statistics to monitor progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals has been vigorously promoted by the United Nations Statistical Commission (SDGs). Effective planning, monitoring, and evaluation of progress toward the SDGs depend on accurate data and statistics.

Way to Observe World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day observes more than 100 nations. The statistics community presents its accomplishments and continuing research on this day. Numerous industries provide statistics reports. Consider how frequently you utilize statistics during the day. Do you decide on financial matters? Check the weather often. Do you make meals? If so, statistics likely make these duties simpler. Although you might not immediately notice a connection, numbers will undoubtedly affect your daily life.

Additionally, you can observe this day by:

  • Find out more about the statistical branch of mathematics.
  • See a film about the importance of statistics. Statistics and Moneyball are two excellent examples.
  • Take a test on statistics.
  • Tweet about it using the hashtag #WorldStatisticsDay.

World Statistics Day 2024 Message

  • World Statistics Day reminds us of the importance and application of statistics in today’s world, without which we cannot imagine a functioning world.
  • Let us use the occasion of World Statistics Day to honor the role of statistics and all the mathematicians whose efforts enable today’s generation to calculate data so wisely – best wishes on World Statistics Day 2024.
  • Statistics has given us so much, so let us express our gratitude to statistics for assisting us in understanding the general trends and patterns in a given data set. Happy World Statistics Day.
  • As a student, I’d like to express my appreciation to statistics for assisting me in learning and thinking like a scientist.
  • No one can imagine a world without proper statistics and data, because there would be no data to improve and progress – happy World Statistics Day 2024.
  • Thank you for allowing economists to understand the state of the economy through descriptive statistics; thank you for always assisting in presenting correct and accurate data; and best wishes on World Statistics Day.

History of World Statistics Day

In 1947, the United Nations Statistical Commission was created. The Chief Statisticians of the member states from all around the world are representes by this commission. The Statistics Commission’s main duty is to establish statistical standards. The commission also creates statistical theories and procedures at both the national and international levels. The Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics were adopted by the Statistical Commission in 1994. The first World Statistics Day suggest by the Statistical Commission on October 20, 2010. The decision to have the festival every five years was made in 2012.

World Statistics Day’s previous themes have included:

  • 2010: Honoring Statistics’ Numerous Successes
  • 2015: Better Data, Better Lives

The 20th of October 2010 was recommended as World Statistics Day by the United Nations Statistical Commission. The first-ever World Statistics Day was established by resolution 64/267, which the General Assembly approved on June 3, 2010, with the subject “Celebrating the great achievements of official statistics.” Better data and better lives were the overall subjects of World Statistics Day 2015, which was declared by the General Assembly in 2015 with resolution 96/282. World Statistics Day is observed every five years on October 20.

World Statistics Day 2024 Quotes:

  • Mark Twain: {[Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable]}
  • Ernest Rutherford: [(If your experiment needs a statistician, you need a better experiment)]
  • George E Box: (Statisticians like artists have the bad habit of falling in love with their models)
  • G, Wells: [Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary a qualification for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write]
  • Ron DeLegge II: {99 percent of all statistics only tell 49 percent of the story}

The theme for World Statistics Day 2024

“Data for Sustainable Development” is the theme for Statistics Day in 2024. Through awards established for this purpose, MoSPI additionally honors the exceptional contribution made through top-notch research in the areas of applied and theoretical statistics enhancing the official statistical system.

2024 World Statistics Day: Importance

The day commemorates the United Nations Statistical Commission’s inception in 1947 and highlights the contribution statistics and statisticians have made to a better world. World Statistics Day emphasizes how statistics speed up and simplify processes. Additionally, it provides a detailed view of your past and present circumstances. Every five years, World Statistics Day observes. It involves the gathering, examination, and interpretation of vast volumes of numerical data and plays a key part in the growth and development of a nation in all spheres.

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