World Mission Day 2023: Top Quotes, HD Images & Wishes

World Mission Day 2023: Top Quotes, HD Images & Wishes – Pope Pius XI established Mission Sunday for the entire Church in 1926, and the first Mission Sunday collection took place all around the world in October 1927. On the second to last Sunday of every October, a collection for missions is made.

World Mission Day

In order for Christians all over the world to acknowledge their shared responsibility with respect to the evangelizing of the world, that day is commemorated as the feast of sacramental theology as well as universal solidarity in all local churches.

2023 World Mission Day

Every year, on the Sunday before the last day of October, SOMETHING SPECIAL OCCURS. All Catholics around the world are united as one global community by WORLD MISSION SUNDAY. That Sunday at Mass, we renewed our commitment to our shared vocation as missionaries, via prayer, Eucharistic participation, and a substantial offering to the Organization for the Promulgation of the Faith collection.

This year’s World Mission Sunday sermon from Pope Francis centers on the phrase “You shall be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8). Every Christian is expected to serve as a missionary as well as a witness for Christ, he reminds us. The sole purpose of the Church, the body of Christ’s followers, is to spread the good news of Christ to every nation and people group. The Church’s entire identity is to evangelize.

We support our Holy Father’s missions on World Mission Sunday. We participate in the celebrations happening in every church and school all through the world as we pray as well as a reply from our own homes. Together, we convey the Lord’s mercy and practical assistance to the neediest communities in the Pope’s missions through our efforts and financial support.

In a world where there are so many things that separate humans, World Mission Sunday celebrates the fact that we are all missionaries by virtue of our baptism and gives each of us the chance to contribute to the Church’s life-giving presence among the underprivileged and marginalized in much more than 1,150 operation dioceses. FOR YOUR SOLIDARITY IN MISSION, WE THANK YOU!

Join the Global Church in prayer

On World Mission Sunday, we have the opportunity to support and love our fellow believers who live abroad. We help missionaries across the world in their work of sharing the gospel by offering our prayers, and by making a donation, we fulfill Christ’s command to feed the hungry as well as clothe the naked.

World Mission Day

Happy Mission Sunday Quotes 2023

  • “Wishing a very Happy World Mission Sunday…. Let us pray and work for a happier and better tomorrow for everyone around us…”
  • “God supports those who work for themselves…. Warm wishes on World Mission Sunday…. Always follow your path…”
  • “Warm wishes on World Mission Sunday to everyone…. Let us follow the path shown to us by the Almighty to make this world a wonderful place…”

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