National Lobster Day 2024: Top Wishes, Messages & Greetings

National Lobster Day 2023

National Lobster Day 2024: Top Wishes, Messages & Greetings– Welcome to the Most Famous Celebration Day of National Lobster Day. We have days of the year dedicated to everything. From special occasions to national holidays and those dedicated to specific events of historical significance. But did you know that the world’s uniquely crowd-pleasing, impressible, delectable, and most exciting crustacean, the lobster, has its own National Day? That’s right! Your favorite buttery-sweet seafood has an entire day on the calendar each year dedicated to this exciting crustacean, practically begging for celebration.

This guide will take you through the history of Lobster Day. Uncover fascinating facts about your favorite shelled seafood And Provide fun, creative, and exciting things. You can do to celebrate this day.

National Lobster Day Date Observance:

  • 2024, September 25, Wednesday
  • 2025, September 25, Thursday
  • 2026, September 25, Friday
  • 2027, September 25, Saturday

National Lobster Day History:

In 2015, Senator Angus King and Susan Collins of Maine co-sponsored a bill that changed the date from its original June 15th designation to September 25. However, a fascinating fact is that the bill has not officially passed, meaning that a new resolution needs to be renewed each year to proclaim the new Sept. 25th date as the day of observance. The good news is that lobster fans get TWO DAYS to celebrate these tasty crustaceans.

Happy Lobster Day Wishes 2024:

  • The day is incomplete if you don’t eat this unique sweet treat.
  • Lobsters can come in different colors, but they look red and delicious once cooked. Happy Lobster Day.
  • It would not be possible if it is not on the list of trendy foods these days.
  • Lobster is an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins; its taste makes everyone great. Happy Lobster Day, everyone.
  • Have a lobster party and enjoy with lobster lovers. Happy Lobster Day, everyone.
  • You can also cook it at home to make Lobster Day memorable.

Fun Facts About Lobsters:

  1. In the ocean, lobsters aren’t typically read. Instead, they come in various colors, from blue to yellow and green, turning red only after being cooked.
  2. In Colonial times, lobster wasn’t glamorous and was often fed to livestock such as goats and pigs.
  3. On a “no carb” or “low carb” diet? You’ll be excited to know that lobster tails contain zero carbohydrates and pack 27.55 grams of protein per cup.
  4. Historically, lobsters were once fed to prisoners in New England due to their perceived low value. The generous lobster population at the time
  5. Lobster is an excellent source of omega-3 healthy fatty acids, calcium, vitamin A, and selenium.

What is National Lobster Day?

  • Lobster Day was established not only to celebrate this funky-looking crustacean but also to celebrate. Recognize the men and women. who work in the industry. As well as the rich and storied history of the lobsters’ rags-to-riches heritage.
  • Held on September 25 each year, this holiday celebrates what was once considered “trash” food fed to prisoners. You read that right. Once upon a time ago, lobster was NOT considered the savory delicacy it is celebrated as today.

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