Happy Ashura 2024: Best Wishes, Greetings, Messages & Quotes

Happy Ashura

Happy Ashura 2024: Best Wishes, Greetings, Messages & Quotes! We know that Today is Ashura of the Muslim Religion. Every year, it is celebrated by the people of Muslim countries on the 10th of Muharram (16 July). The people of all Muslim countries mark Muharram on both days. We share all the information about the Happy Ashura 2024 Date, History, Messages, Images, and more.

Here are some Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, and Facebook and WhatsApp statuses. So you can wish it to your friends and family members. We have added too many Happy Ashura 2024 Wishes, history, dates, Significance, and how to celebrate; if you need to know details, you can see them.

Happy Ashura 2024 Wishes:

  • Let us follow the light of Allah to follow the right path in life…. Let us always have faith in the messenger of Allah….. Warm wishes on Muharram to you and your family…”
  • On the occasion of Muharram, let us thank Allah for all His blessings…. Let us praise Him for all his love and care…. Wishing a very blessed and beautiful Muharram…
  • May Allah is always there to bless you, not just on Muharram but on each and every day of your life…. Wishing you a very Happy Muharram…”
  • May your faith in Allah always bring happiness, peace, prosperity, and success in your life…. Warm wishes on Muharram, my dear…”
  • Muharram Mubarak to you and your family members…. I pray for beautiful blessings for you…. I pray for your life to be full of happiness and joy…”

Muharram 2024 Greetings:

  • Let us start this year with a memorable first month of the Islamic calendar…. Wishing a blessed and Happy Muharram with your loved ones…
  • Knowing that Allah is always there to bless and protect you is the most beautiful feeling…. Warm wishes on Muharram to you…
  • May the love and blessings of the Almighty always be there for you to shower you with happiness and joy…. Muharram Mubarak 2024 to you…
  • Muharram is the festival that constantly reminds us to embrace peace and happiness and spread the message of brotherhood and togetherness…
  • May your life be permanently protected with Allah’s blessings to make it a wonderful life for you…. Wishing a very Happy Muharram to you and your family…

Happy Ashura Messages 2024:

  • Prophet Muhammad: Muharram is almost here. Don’t just call it a “Shia” month. The tragedy of Karbala happened to the holy family of the Prophet. “Husain is from me and I from him.”
  • Sahih Muslim: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: The best fast after Ramadan is the fast of the month of Muharram.
  • Sheikh Shibli: “May Allah accept the deeds of those who fast on the blessed day of Ashura, and may Allah grant another opportunity to those who did not.”
  • May Allah accept our fast on the day of Ashura and forgive the previous year’s census year.”
  • Ashura is the day when truth triumphed over false. The truth will always prevail.”
  • Those who worship God with the hope of gain are not true worshippers; they are businessmen. Those who worship Allah (for fear of punishment) are slaves. And those who worship God in gratitude to their creator are free people, and their worship is authentic.

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