World Mission Sunday 2023 – (October 22): Wishes, Messages & Quotes

World Mission Sunday 2023 – (October 22): Wishes, Messages & Quotes- World Mission Sunday is a designated day for the worldwide Catholic Church to publicly reaffirm its dedication to the missionary endeavor, which is overseen by the Pontifical Mission Societies, often known as Missio.

World Mission Sunday

Every year, it is observed on the penultimate (next-to-last) Sunday in October (October 23, 2022; October 22, 2023). It was established as a day of prayer for missionaries by Pope Pius XI in 1926. connected in a close way to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023

World Mission Sunday Origin & History

Pope Pius XI launched “World Mission Sunday” in 1926 as an annual collection for the global church’s missionary efforts. Globe Mission Sunday is a day set aside for Catholics all over the world to renew their commitment. The Church’s missionary activities through prayer and sacrifice. It is coordinated by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

World Mission Sunday is “a significant day in the life of the Church. Because it teaches how to give: as a sacrifice made to God, in the Eucharistic celebration, and for all the missions of the world,” according to Pope John Paul II.

Mission Sunday is promoted, the money is collected, and the money is distributed by the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. The Mission Office in St. Louis transfers the funds to the National Office of the Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States on behalf. The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. On World Mission Sunday and all throughout the year, American Catholics’ donations. Are joined with those made to the Society for the Advancement of the Faith abroad.

World Mission Sunday 2023:

The monies raised provide regular annual aid to more than 1,100 mission dioceses. These mission dioceses submit requests for help with catechetical programs, seminaries, religious communities’ activity, communication, transportation, and building chapels, churches, orphanages, and schools, among other things. Every year to the Pontifical Mission Societies.

The Society for the Propagation of Faith’s national directors from each nation. Then meet to vote on these requests, allocating the available resources to the most pressing needs. The mission dioceses around the world receive all of these funds after that.

Every year, the Catholic Church’s needs in mission dioceses increase. New dioceses are established. New seminaries are established as a result of the rising number of young men. Who is hearing Christ’s call to serve Him as a priest? Areas that have been devastated by war or natural disasters are rebuilt, and other long-suppressed regions are becoming more open to the gospel and to the Catholic Church. Because of this, it is crucial that Catholics from all around the world. Become involved and show their devotion.

World Mission Sunday

Important of World Mission Sunday 2023:

 Mission Sunday is organized by Missio, which also offers new, youthful. Underdeveloped dioceses have the crucial assistance they require to progress toward independence.

To make sure that resources are given justly and equitably based on need, we cooperate with local bishops, parishes, and missionary congregations. Bishops in the missionary territories receive the funds directly from England and Wales — local church supporting local church!

Watch the animated short, which highlights the significance of Mission Sunday. Please do spread the word to your religiously fervent friends!

World Mission Sunday Inspiring Quotes

  • “Wishing a very Happy World Mission Sunday…. Let us pray and work for a happier and better tomorrow for everyone around us…”
  • “God supports those who work for themselves…. Warm wishes on World Mission Sunday…. Always follow your path…”
  • “World Mission Sunday will always remind us that all the churches in this world have a purpose and we must fulfill it…”
  • “Warm wishes on World Mission Sunday to everyone…. Let us follow the path shown to us by the Almighty to make this world a wonderful place…”

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