Universal Children’s Day 2023: Quotes, Wishes And Messages

Universal Children's Day Quotes

Universal Children’s Day 2023 includes History, Observation, and more Information. The United Nations already has recognized the annual November 20 as Universal Children’s Day because believing in our children is an investment in the future. It’s a moment to encourage world unity, raise awareness of the issues children face everywhere, and enhance the well-being of all children.

What is the International Day of the Child?

Every year, Universal Children’s Day, usually known as Globe Children’s Day or simply Children’s Day, is observed to raise awareness of the problems that kids all over the world face. It was created in 1954 and is celebrated annually on November 20.


The United Nations (UN) celebrates Universal Children’s Day on November 20 every year to encourage global awareness and unity among children. It was first observed in 1954. This unique day is promoted and organized by UNICEF, perhaps the United Nations Children’s Fund, which also aims to enhance the welfare of children.


Honorable Dr. Charles Leonard, minister of the Universalist Church of Such Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Established Children’s Day as the second Sunday of June in 1857. Leonard arranged a special service intended specifically for and in honor of the kids. Leonard gave the day the name Rose Day, although it was afterward called Flower Sunday and Children’s Day.

The Turkish Republic initially formally proclaimed April 23 as Children’s Day in 1920. Setting it as a national holiday. Since 1920, when the Turkish government as well as the newspapers of the day declared it a holiday for children, Children’s Day has been observed nationally. The founder and current president of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, made the official statement in front of the entire country in 1929 when it was deemed that an official announcement was necessary to clarify and legitimize this celebration.

Although the UN established Universal Children’s Day in 1954, the expanded Statement of the Rights of Children was not ratified by the General Assembly Of the United until November 20, 1959. The Association of Nations first received this paper in 1924, and the UN later adopted it as its declaration of children’s rights.

Universal Children’s Day Wishes For You

In the extended version, the UN endorsed 10 additional principles along. With a resolution. that was put out by the Afghan delegation and urged nations to uphold these rights. Work toward their adoption. Make the document as widely known as possible.

The Convention on the Child’s Human Rights was ratified by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1989. The CRC is indeed a human rights pact that outlines children’s civil, political, financial, social, cultural, and other rights. The agreement deals with the unique needs and rights of children and mandates. that all states who ratify it are subject to its provisions under international law and therefore must act in the child’s best interests.

The United Nations Ban Ki-moon became the helm of the program for children’s education in September 2012. First, by 2015, he wants every child to be able to go to school. Second, to enhance the skill set learned in these institutions. Lastly, policies into place about education to foster respect, peace, and environmental awareness.

Universal Children’s Day is not simply a day to congratulate kids for being kids; it’s also a day to raise awareness for kids all around the world who have been victims of abuse, exploitation, & discrimination. In other nations, children are forced into labor. Caught in violent combat. Forced to live on the streets, and suffer from differences like disabilities, minorities, or religious intolerance.

You can organize a special occasion to encourage adults to spend time with neighborhood children. This might be as straightforward as having a meeting. At the neighborhood park it could involve a more extensive party planned by the local council. In either case. The goal is to convey to the kids the value of forging ties with the neighborhood.

It is now simpler than ever to donate money or even sponsor. A child for a set monthly fee through UNICEF and other organizations. A little bit of money can make a big difference in a child’s life. Make every day the day to sponsor a child or make a donation to a foreign charity, if you’ve ever considered doing so.

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