Trans Day Of Remembrance (2024): Poem & Speech

Trans Day Of Remembrance

Trans Day Of Remembrance (2024): Poem & Speech- on November 20, this same Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) itself is commemorated to remember individuals who lost their lives as a result of discrimination or anti-transgender bigotry. Even though not all of the individuals honoured on the Day of Remembrance identified as transgender, they were all victims of violence motivated by prejudice towards transgender people.

Rita Hester, one whose murder in 1998 sparked the “Remembering Our Dead” web project and a candlelight vigil in San Francisco in 1999, is commemorated on November 11 with the Day of Remembrance. Like the majority of anti-transgender murder cases, Rita Hester’s death is still unsolved. Transgender Day in the Resilience was created by Breakout in 2015 to change the focus from trans end to trans survival as well as resilience.

What does the Trans Day Of Remembrance aim to accomplish?

By publicly mourning and remembering the young lives of such transgender people who would otherwise go unremembered, the Transgender Days of Remembrance increases awareness of hate crimes committed against transgender people. We demonstrate our love and respect through vigil in the face of widespread hostility and apathy.

The Day of Remembrance offers transgender persons and their allies the chance to stand in vigil in memory of those who have lost their lives as a result of anti-transgender violence. To try to stop anti-transgender hatred and violence from growing, observing the Day of Remembrance among schools can also be utilized to inform students, teachers, as well as administrators about transgender concerns.

Transgender Day Of Remembrance Poem:

  • (Batter My Heart, Transgender God)

Batter my heart, transgender god, for yours, is the only ear that hears: place fear in my heart

where faith has grown my senses dull & reassures

my blood that it will never spill. Show every part

of every stranger’s anger, surprise them with my drawers

full of maps that lead to vacancies & chart

the distance from my pride, my core. Terror, do not depart

but nest in the hollows of my loins & keep me on all fours.

My knees bring me to them and force my head to bow again.

Replay the murders of my kin until my mind’s made new;

let Adam’s bite obstruct my breath ’til I respire men

& press his rib against my throat until my lips turn blue.

You, O duo, O twin, whose likeness is kind: unwind my confidence

& noose it around your fist so I might know you in vivid impermanence.

What philosophies underpin the Trans Day Of Remembrance?

The Memorial Day Remembrance planners came up with these as their guiding principles. You can utilize these phrases to help set the tone and message for the day.

  • “Those doomed to repeat the past are those who cannot recall it.” (Santayana)
  • We must remember everyone who lost their lives as a result of anti-transgender violence.
  • Since their assailants, law police and the media frequently attempt to obliterate their existence, it is up to us to memorialize them.
  • By becoming visible, speaking up, spreading awareness, and organizing against anti-transgender violence, we can change the world.
  • The value of transgender lives is acknowledged.

How do individuals respect TDOR?

  • Candlelight Marches/Vigils
  • Teach-ins, speaker bureaus, or discussion boards with local activists, legislators, or school officials
  • performances of poetry, either spoken word art
  • The number of people killed is represented visually. (Like in the case of body outline chalkings or flowers)
  • Displays of Art/Photography
  • Movie showings (like “Boys Don’t Cry”
  • Trans 101 training sessions for staff or anybody else interested

Advice on how to organize a Trans Day Of Remembrance

Before period

  1. Set up a plan. Your GSA should outline the project you want to work on and the schedule you want for the day.
  2. Establish a schedule. It would be best to create a timeline once your group has decided what it wants to accomplish so that everyone is involved. Ensure to note who is responsible for each task and when it must be completed. Trans Day Of Remembrance
  3. Get more people to participate. It would be best to inform and engage as many people as possible at the event. You may spread the word by word of mouth, posting fliers and posters, advertising primarily in the school newspapers, sending out e-mail announcements, and more.
  4. Build alliances. Think about working with other clubs from the school. Education about how violence impacts various groups, in addition to how anti-transgender aggression disproportionately harms low-income children of colour, may be necessary. People should be aware of how gender-based violence affects all groups.
  5. Make a press announcement. Inform the local media about your plans to observe the Transgender Days of Remembrance. Use quotes from GSA members to explain the activities at your school, the event’s history, and your motivation for holding the event. Include a mobile number so the reporter can contact you about potential interviews.
  6. Get the workers, administrators, and teachers involved. Ascertain the interest of the workforce in taking part.
  7. Inform your principal. Meet with your principal to discuss your Day of Remembrance ideas.
  8. Get ready! Meet before the Transgender Days of Remembrance to review constructive strategies to deal with intimidation from outsiders. Be prepared to have representatives from your organization speak on behalf of the occasion.
  9. This is a sensitive subject that could lead to a very depressing incident. Remember those who have passed away while laying those present comfort and healing.

During period

  • Declare the occasion. Post a notice outlining the experience and asking that all students and staff show consideration for the pupils participating in the project in the daily bulletin.
  • Organize the volunteers. Invite individuals to assist with event setup. Ensure you have enough people to handle design, event supervision and cleaning. Trans Day Of Remembrance
  • GAssist: Provide information about your GSA and other LGBTQ organizations and resources at a staffed resource station or table.
  • Create displays for visuals. Plan a public demonstration, such as having people wear shirts or stickers honouring anti-transgender violence victims.
  • Hold the occasion. The following should be done during the event: explain the reason for it, have speakers discuss transgender issues, read out the names of those who have been the victims of anti-transgender violence, explain the significance of the artwork you have utilized on campus (such as cardboard protrusions, chalking’s, etc.), nearer the event, and express gratitude to everyone who attended.
  • Make a secure area. Because of the event’s magnitude, you should develop innovative solutions to establish a safe space, including a specific place where individuals may go to reflect or express their thoughts.

Trans Day Of Remembrance

After Period

  • Maintain your education. Instead of just one day a year, hold a debate about how to increase awareness of transgender persons. The Days of Remembrance may be an ideal time to increase public interest in and knowledge of transgender problems. Following are some suggestions for addressing more significant concerns in the community or at school:
  • Adding to the school’s handbook the concept of “gender identity and gender expression.”
  • The provision of Trans 101 instruction for academic employees
  • Promoting the use of restrooms that are gender-neutral and open to individuals of all genders
  • Your GSA is mostly on trans issues as well as how to be better supporters of trans people
  • Review the day. Discuss how the day went well and how things could be improved the following year.
  • Consider the following year when making plans. Prepare the ground for the upcoming Transgender Days of Remembrance.

The Transgender Days of Remembrance, a program of Gender Advocacy and Education provided the primary material for this resource sheet.

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