National Day of Mourning 2024: Wishes, Messages, Quotes & History

National Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning 2024: The International Day of Mourning is observed annually on November 28, the fourth Thursday. Reflecting on Native American history and the significance of Thanksgiving in their ancestors’ lives is encouraged at this celebration. Thanksgiving Day serves as a constant reminder of Native American devastation and suffering, according to the event’s organizers. Native American ancestors and their current battles for survival have been recognized by participants in this National Day of Mourning since 1970. One of the celebration’s goals is to inform Americans about the origins of Thanksgiving.

The march, which was planned by United American Indians of New England (UAINE) throughout a time of Native American activism, has led to changes in how American history, the government’s relationship with Native Americans, and the relationships between settlers and them, as well as a renewed appreciation for their culture.

History Of National Day of Mourning

Consider giving American history and the several distinct Native American civilizations throughout the country another look. Examine the connections, conventions, traditions, and beliefs. Are you trying to figure out where to start? FirstNations.org is a great resource. They provide an extensive reading selection for people of all ages. The subjects are diverse, and they also offer staff recommendations.

Streaming alternatives for movies like Our Spirits Don’t Communicate English, Dreamkeeper, Atanarjuat: That Quick Runner, Imprint, or Perhaps the Cherokee Word for Water exist. Use the hashtag #NationalDayOfMourning when posting on social media.

The United American Indians of England have held an annual march and a rally, mainly on the fourth. Thursday of November, which has fallen on Thanksgiving Day since 1970. They educate the American public while paying respect to Native ancestors. Although the protest shares a date with Unthanksgiving Day across the West Coast, there is no connection between the two events.

On April 28, Canada observes the National Day of Mourning, also known as Workers’ Mourning Day. It honours employees who have died at work, been hurt there, or become ill from occupational exposures and dangers.

A funeral parade for a firefighter who had died in the line of duty halted two labour activists, Colin Lambert as well as Ray Sentes, while they were driving to a union meeting in early April 1983. This is how Workers’ Memorial Day got its start.

National Day of Mourning 2024:

They were concerned that other workers who passed away at work did not receive the same honours, and they remembered how the United Construction workers in Elliot Lake conducted an annual “Workers’ Remembrance Day” in memory of uranium miners who had passed away from exposure.

Both the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Canadian Labor Congress adopted resolutions calling for a National Day of Mourning at their respective annual conventions in 1983 and 1984, respectively. Lambert and Sentes sought support for the initiative from union leaders. However, the “Workers’ Memorial Day” is honoured in more than 100 nations, according to a 1989 proclamation by the AFL-CIO.

With the passage of the Employees Mourning Day Act in Canada in December 1990, it was made a national holiday, and as a result, on April 28, 1991, that one was formally recognized as the International Day of Mourning for people who had died or been injured at work, designating that day as Workers’ Mourning Day.

National Day of Mourning Wishes 2024:

  • War is the weapon of destruction of humanity, and today, we must realize this fact. Let’s stop the war.
  • History proves that every war has taken the lives of innocent and defenceless people.
  • On this particular day, let us pray that the fallen heroes may rest in peace—happy National Day of Mourning.
  • The contribution of our frontline warriors in past wars must not be forgotten.
  • May God bless the family of the heroes, and let us pray for peace in the world—happy National Day of Mourning.
  • We should never forget the sacrifices made by soldiers, and we should always appreciate their contribution.

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