International Human Solidarity Day 2023: Top Theme, Wishes & History

International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day 2023: Date, Theme, Wishes & History- The United Nations and its member nations mark International Human Solidarity Day (IHSD), a day of global solidarity, on December 20. Its principal mission is to raise member states’ awareness of global goals and actions to fight poverty as well as to develop and exchange poverty-reduction methods from sovereign nations throughout the world. The World Solidarity Fund and United Nations Development Programme, which is committed to attaining the targets established for eradicating global poverty, support IHSD. A person can take part in or commemorate the day by supporting education, aiding the underprivileged, or those who are physically or mentally impaired. Instead, Sustainable Development Goals push governments to address poverty and other socioeconomic impediments.

International Human Solidarity Days 2023:

  • a day to raise public awareness of the value of solidarity;
  • a day to promote debate on how to promote solidarity for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty eradication;
  • a day of action to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.
  • a day to celebrate our unity in diversity.
  • a day that will increase awareness about the importance of solidarity;

International Human Solidarity Day: The Theme

It’s significant to notice that the International Human Solidarity Day subject remains the same year after year. The day’s celebration still has the same goal and objective.

The primary goal of commemorating the occasion is to encourage social justice, equality, and collaboration among individuals. This day should be observed by everyone, and by teaching people about solidarity, we can raise awareness of it.

Background ofInternational Human Solidarity Day 2023:

The Millennium Declaration identifies solidarity as one of the core principles that guide international relationships in the twenty-first century, according to which those who suffer or profit least should be supported by those who benefit most. As a result, increasing global solidarity is essential in view of globalization and the problem of rising inequality.

Therefore, the UN General Assembly declared December 20 as International Human Solidarity Day because it believes that spreading a culture of solidarity and the sharing spirit is crucial for eradicating poverty. The idea of solidarity pus is essential in the battle against poverty and in the engagement of all key stakeholders via initiatives like the creation of the World Solidarity Fund to reduce poverty and the declaration of International Human Solidarity Day.

International Human Solidarity Day

Importance of International Human Solidarity Day:

The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030 aims to reduce poverty in all of its manifestations worldwide. The International Day of Human Solidarity celebration is a big step in that direction. The yearly event serves as a reminder to people all across the world of the problems. That impoverished people and countries afflicted by poverty confront. The purpose of the day is to serve as a reminder to governments, and members of civil society. Other organizations that only by a concerted effort poverty address and eradicate in order to usher. A time of social equity, dignity, and justice.

According to the United Nations, this day is dedicated to human solidarity:

  • To demonstrate peace amid diversity;
  • To inform diverse governments about international agreements
  • To emphasize the significance of interpersonal solidarity
  • Encouraging people and governments to pursue long-term development
  • To find creative solutions for ending poverty
  • To protect people from hunger, poverty, and disease

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