America Recycles Day 2023 – HD Images, Events & Activities

America Recycles Day 2023 – HD Images, Events & Activities – This year on November 15, Americans commemorate America Recycles Day. Moreover, it is National Recycling Day. The focus of the day is recycling, including waste reduction strategies, buying recycled goods, and how to recycle.

America Recycles Day 2022

Every November 15, millions of Americans participate in America Recycles Day each year. The purpose of the day is to promote recycling and the use of recycled items. It matters how we reuse and recycle items. For instance, 60 million single-use water bottles are dumped every day in America’s landfills and rivers. By employing portable reusable water bottles and cups and water filtration systems, this number can be decreased. By recycling and reusing outdated items, waste can be decreased.

America Recycles Day 2023 Overview

Shopping at thrift stores is one of the finest methods to achieve this. It not only keeps things out of the landfill, but it also costs you less money. The proverb “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is accurate. These shops provide more than you might anticipate, ranging from cooking supplies and replacement parts to clothing and furniture. Consider it if you’ve never done your shopping this way.

We are particularly adept at recycling aluminum. In actuality, the United States recycles 65% of its aluminum. In addition to any other recyclable object, that is.

  • Every minute, 105,800 cans are reused in the United States.
  • By recycling one can, you can save enough energy to power your television for three hours.
  • An aluminum can cost roughly 1.7 cents in 2019.
  • Each year, the business spends over $1 billion on recycled cans.

Your careers in waste management are a mine of recycling knowledge. They’ll be honest with you and properly point you as well. Waste management is much more than just collecting trash. They offer a range of services and initiatives in each community aimed at preserving the environment and minimizing its effects.

History of America Recycles Day

Not always, America Recycles Day was a recognized holiday. Texas Recycles Day was first observed there by two staff members of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This day was intended to increase recycling in the province and also to create awareness of the benefits of doing so.

While they were working for the Texas Commission, these employees Kevin Teurff and Valerie Davis continued to observe Texas Recycles Day. Recommended changing Texas Recycles Day to America Recycles Day after they quit their positions. America Recycles Day was established after the National Recycling Coalition approved the concept.

America Recycles Day 2022

Over 40 states took part in the first America Recycles Day, which was proclaimed in Florida. The National Recycling Coalition has worked to promote the activities across the nation over the years. There are currently more than 3,000 events spread across all 50 states. Recycling has climbed from 7% in the 1960s to 32% in the present thanks to the efforts of the Recycling Coalition as well as America Recycles Day activities.

Keep America Beautiful, the biggest civic organization in the country aims to make American towns more attractive by promoting recycling and minimizing pollution. This one is one of the main groups in charge of planning events for America Recycles Day. They plan and advertise recycling-related events during the entire month of November. Additionally, they use social media campaigns to persuade people to recycle more, raising the nation’s recycling rates in the process.

Way To Observe America Recycles Day

  • Participate in local KAB chapter volunteering

You may honor Keep America Beautiful by volunteering to gather recyclable waste on November 15 in any of the organization’s chapters.

  • Organize a recycling group.

Create a recycling club in your neighborhood by working with your family and friends. This will assist your community in recycling.

  • Organize a pop-up shop for recyclable goods.

Have a fun pop-up marketplace where visitors can browse and buy recycled goods, and get in touch with local business owners who sell recycled goods!

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