Top 10+ United States Most Popular Holidays 2022

Top Holiday List

The United States celebrates many holidays, but here’s a quick list of the top ones: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Halloween, Independence Day, and more. These are all cherished traditions that make us feel good.

Thanksgiving Day

For more than four centuries, Thanksgiving Day is a family celebration and a time to reunite with family and friends. It marks the beginning of the holiday season and allows Americans to express their gratitude for plentiful food, family, and friends. A traditional meal of turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and other holiday favorites is a staple of any Thanksgiving ceremony. Some people also play Thanksgiving-themed games with their families and friends.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a major event throughout the United States, attracting two to three million people along its 2.5-mile route. The parade features giant inflatable balloons and floats, marching bands, and a wishbone superstition. When the float breaks, the larger piece falls off and is said to bring the wishing person’s wish true.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a federal holiday in the United States, which is celebrated on December 25th. The first session of Congress was held on Christmas Day, 1789. Today, more than one hundred towns and cities in the United States have a name incorporating the word “holly” or “Christmas.” Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Most Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25 of the Gregorian calendar, which is used in almost every part of the world. They observe this day with a Santa clause who brings gifts for everyone. Many Christians believe that this date was chosen to correspond to nine months after Jesus’ conception. In the United States, the day was declared a federal holiday in 1870, and many businesses are closed.

Halloween Day

Originally called All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween is a religious festival celebrated on the day before All Saints’ Day. This holiday is believed to have originated in the 19th century when American colonists from Britain and Ireland began to immigrate to the United States, bringing their traditions with them. Today, Halloween is a multi-billion dollar industry, and many kids dress up as scary ghosts and goblins for trick-or-treating.

Today, trick-or-treating is a tradition in the United States and in many other countries around the world. Trick-or-treating involves collecting sweet treats from strangers. Whenever possible, travelers to the U.S. should always accompany their children, and be prepared with sweet treats for trick-or-treaters. Many stores display pumpkins and skulls, as well as gravestones and bones, to celebrate the holiday.

Independence Day

Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States, observed annually on July 4. The date is significant to Americans as it is the birthday of the United States as a free and independent nation. All fifty states and the US territories observe the day. There are many things you can do on Independence Day, but the most popular activities are swimming, boating, and barbecues.

In addition to fireworks, Independence Day is a day of family celebrations and sporting events. Many people enjoy watermelon eating contests and watching fireworks over their backyards. Throughout the day, many communities organize patriotic parades, accompanied by patriotic music. Fireworks are a traditional part of the holiday, usually shot off in the evening and broadcast live on television.

St. Patrick’s Day

In addition to parades, many cities celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with “greening” traditions. Some of these traditions include dyeing the river green and lighting the Empire State Building. Other places have elaborate pageants and pub crawls with marching bagpipers. The White River in Indianapolis is also dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day.

The origins of St. Patrick’s Day are Irish, but the holiday has an American flavor. It began as a Catholic feast day, but later became one of the most popular celebrations in the United States. Throughout the centuries, St. Patrick’s Day has become one of the biggest cultural holidays in the United States, with over 30 million people claiming Irish heritage. This is more than twice the population of Ireland.

Mother’s Day

The origin of Mother’s Day in the United States dates back to the 19th century when Ann Reeves Jarvis founded the Mothers’ Work Clubs. Today, No one can deny the importance of Mother’s Day as they struggle their whole life to bring up their child. A single day is not enough to thank the mothers in the world.

Today, the traditional gift-giving activities on Mother’s Day include buying a car and buying a gift for the mother in your life. Some people cook a special meal or prepare breakfast for their mothers on Mother’s Day. Others buy flowers for their mothers, such as carnations. It is also traditional to take a mother out to dinner. The spending on Mother’s Day will rise by five percent this year.

Father’s Day

The very first celebration of Father’s Day took place in Spokane, Washington, on June 19, 1910. The celebration was the brainchild of Sonora Smart Dodd, a widow who raised six children on her own. After hearing a sermon from the Reverend Dr. Henry Rasmussen, she decided that a day dedicated to her father should be designated as a national Father’s Day. She also wanted to honor her father because her husband, William, had died during childbirth.

The origin of the holiday was so sentimental that men were not particularly interested. But today, it is a highly popular day, with most Americans celebrating Father’s Day in some way. Gift giving was the most common way to honor dads, with Ree’s special dinner idea a close second.

Easter Day

While the date of Easter Day varies from year to year, the actual holiday always falls on a Sunday. According to the Gregorian calendar, Easter Day occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox. This year, Easter Day is observed on Sunday, April 17.

Since Easter Day is a religious holiday, churches will typically have a simple Easter get-together or special Easter parade. During the holiday, the public will also take part in secular events such as egg hunting, where children can hunt for colorful Easter eggs. Although most people associate Easter with religious celebrations, the tradition is open to everyone, regardless of faith. Easter Sunday is the day to celebrate happiness among people, enjoy it!

Valentine’s Day

As the romantic holiday approaches, Americans are getting ready to celebrate with their significant others. Many Americans take the holiday very seriously and even send their crushes anonymous candygrams. It’s common for people to mail these letters to school classrooms, where the candygrams are supposed to remain anonymous. Hallmark is particularly good at marketing for valentine’s Day.

The day’s origins are obscure. It’s unclear what made it popular in the first place. Some researchers believe that it stems from Lupercalia, an ancient Roman fertility festival. Lupercalia honored the Roman god of agriculture, Romulus and Remus. In later years, the holiday grew associated with romance. Medieval knights wore hearts on their arms as a sign of love. This tradition has been adapted to the modern holiday and is commonly named Valentine’s Day.

Memorial Day

Decoration Day was first celebrated by Americans in honor of fallen Civil War soldiers, but soon it was referred to as Memorial Day and became an official national holiday. Today, more than a century later, it is an important part of American life and history.

Since its inception, Memorial Day has evolved to become an unofficial start to summer, with families grilling dinners, local pools announcing the holiday’s opening, and retailers advertising large sales. Despite the glitz and glamor of the holiday, its enduring significance remains sober. Almost 1.3 million Americans have lost their lives in the line of duty, and today, it is the nation’s moment to reflect and remember, Memorial Day is the day to respect the sacrifices made by our soldiers.

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