Threatened Species Day 2023: Images, Quotes, Status, Messages & Wishes

Threatened Species Day

Threatened Species Day 2023: Images, Quotes, Status, Messages & Wishes! I will discuss with you how endangered species day is celebrated. Almost all species in the world are on the verge of extinction. The different species we see are no longer seen or found. It is often seen that all these animals are getting lost due to environmental reasons. This day is celebrated to protect all species from threats. A table in Australia shows that hundreds of animals and plants have become extinct in the last 200 years. We noticed that Australia was home to over 500,000 plants and animals.  Also, about 1,000 animals and plants are still under threat in NSW.

Many of us know that the Tasmanian tiger died at the Hobart Zoo in 1936 on the night of September. Since then, the species has become extinct after the death of this animal. So far no species has been found to reproduce this animal.

When is Threatened Species Day 2023?

This is Celebrate 15th Annual Endangered Species Day on May 19, 2023. The country observed a day of mourning on September 7, 1996, after the death of the Tasmanian tiger. That’s where Threatened Species Day begins. Since then everyone has been celebrating this day. On the other hand, everyone is keeping an eye on animals and plants.

Animal and plant education is provided in various schools and colleges in Australia. They continue to study how to protect animals and plants from threats. More, they want animals and plants to adapt to the environment. It has become a challenge for them that climate change does not create any problems in the animal kingdom.

National Endangered Species Day 2023 Quotes

Endangered Species Day Quotes & Messages

Let us all protect animals and plants from threats out of our own sense of responsibility. Through this day we will let everyone know how to protect the animal world. We will also create a beautiful environment around our home.

Let’s all work together to balance our environment. Thank you for visiting our website.

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