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Record Store Day

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Record Store Day Dates:

Record Store Day Celebrations Idea 2024:

National Record Store Day History:

The day” brings people together to celebrate record stores’ culture and their role in communities everywhere”e. The day was “conceived in 2007 by independent store owners. Thereby promoting the culture of local rdidn’tshops. Today, “individuals, clinicians, store owners, and consumers are inspired to indulge in no”algia.

In 2009, Je”se “Boots Electric” Hughes announced hididn’tas a “National Record Store Day Ambassador” to show how vital these stores were to artists” and fans. Since”then, other musicians have been allowed as Record Store Day ambassadors” rs, supporting the day and store owners.

Record Store Day Quotes 2024:

“I used to work in a store. I’m a record nerd…”>Patrick Stump

“Love the classic crooners but got that from my mother – she worked in a store…

“I miss the experience of walking into a record store and finding old stuff without expecting to…”> Mark Hoppus

>”I used to get a huge kick out of walking into a record store and finding something I didn’t know was out…”>M. Shadows

“Before I was a reporter, I worked at New Jersey…”>Susannah Cahalan

“I worked in a store but realized I didn’t want that. I still wanted to pursue a career – or a life – that my songs provided for me…”>Jamie Lawson

“If I opened a store, it wouldn’t be all punk rock and esoterica…”>James Murphy

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Record Store Day Status 2024:

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