Happy Valentine’s Day 2024: Best Wishes, Messages & Celebrations

Happy Valentine's Day 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day 2024: Happy Valentine’s Day has its roots in ancient agriculture and human fertility carnival. The Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia from February 13 to 15. Lupercalia was a fertility carnival in honor of Lupa. It was a wolf who was said to have suckled Romulus and Remus. This festival was also dedicated to Faunus. This is the god of agriculture. This was the season to start planting seeds and to hope for a productive year of crops.

The link between the Lupercalia, fertility, and romance is evident in the revels during the celebrations. The Roman festival involved drunk young men running through the streets naked, women being dirty in animal blood, and the unusual fertility ritual.

Speciously, many women were willing participants, lining up for the festival, believing this would make them luxuriant. Young men also drew the names of women from a jar. The couple would lie together during the festival to get pregnant.

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Who was St. Valentine?

Not much evidence comes from St. Valentine’s life; the stories involving two different saints by the same name are also not officially decided; one of the St. Valentines was martyred and then buried on the Via Flaminia to the north of Rome. Archaeologists have uncovered a Roman underground cemetery and an ancient church dedicated to St. Valentine.

According to the legend, Emperor Claudius II prohibited soldiers from marriage. However, Valentine disobeyed the orders, and a secretly married young girl spared her husband from war. Valentine was imprisoned, tortured, and killed. According to another legend, St. Valentine signed a letter “from your Valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, whom he had befriended and healed from blindness.

In 1969, the Roman Catholic Church detached St. Valentine from the General Roman Calendar because of the lack of trustworthy information about him.

Happy Valentine’s Day Week 2024

However, the church still recognizes St. Valentine as a saint. He is the Patron Saint of engaged couples, beekeepers, happy marriages, love, lovers, and young people.

The more romantic way of Valentine’s Day was also celebrated in the Middle Ages when it was thought that birds paired couples in mid-February. Chaucer and Shakespeare idealized this day of love in their work, and it gained popularity throughout Britain and the rest of Europe.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 2024:

  1. Framed Heart Map
  2. Eternity Preserved Roses
  3. Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker
  4. Sleep Set
  5. Luxury Candle
  6. Jewelry Box
  7. Artificial Roses Glass Dome
  8. Rose with Necklace
  9. Rose Bouquet
  10. Delight Nail Polish
  11. Love Bracelet

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