Happy Navratri 2023: Top Wishes, Quotes, Images & Sayings

Happy Navratri Images

Happy Navratri 2023: Images, Wishes, Quotes, Status & Sayings! This Year, the People celebrate this Happy Navaratri 2023 in India, which will begin on Monday, September 26th, and end on Monday, October 05th, 2023. It is the most popular Festival in India. The Festival is celebrated in India. Hello Friend, Here, You Find the Happy Navratri Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, and text SMS.

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Happy Navratri 2023 Date:

Note that:

Happy Navratri for 2023 starts on Monday, September 26th, and ends the 9-day Festival on Tuesday, October 04th in 2023.

Happy Navratri Messages:

May the generous goddess Maa Durga brighten your life with countless blessings. I hope your prayers bring happiness and prosperity. Happy Navratri 2023 to you!

I wish you the best for a joyous Navratri with lots of joy, happiness, peace, prayer, and prosperity during these auspicious days. Jai Maa Durga! Have a bright, Happy Navratri 2023

May the nine forms of the great goddess bless you on these nine days so you will be showered with Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti, and Shakti. Have an auspicious Navratri.

These nights are filled with colorful Garba and dandiya dances, so I hope you enjoy this Navratri festival! May the joy of time seep into the whole Year. Have an auspicious Happy Navratri 2023

May the great Goddess Durga maa empower you, your family, and all your loved ones with her nine Swaroop of Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti. Have an auspicious Navratri.

Though she is infinite, do not merely take the positive energy from the goddess Durga on this Navratri, but also try to remove the darkness within you and spread positivity. Have an auspicious Navratri 2023.

The great goddess Maa Durga is a symbol of divine energy, and this energy is abundant at this time, especially during prayers. I hope my life is filled with all the positive energy this Navratri. May you have an auspicious Navratri 2023

May the great goddess Maa Durga bless you generously this Navratri and bring you all you pray for and more. Have a bright, Happy Navratri 2023

Navratri Wishes :

Happy Navratri Quotes:

  1. Munindra Misra: {Devi-Mahatmayam has special meaning for spirituality, With illumination, wisdom, strength – to freedom finally}
  2. Indrajit Hazra: [That the goddess comes to town with her children, leaving her reluctant householder husband behind on Mount Kailash, makes Pujo a singular celebration of family values and domesticity, unlike the Kill Bill independence of Kal.]
  3. SriSri: {(Navratri is a time of self-referral & returning to the source. During this time of transformation, nature gets rejuvenated; life emerges afresh)}
  4. Keerthi Chinta: {Dear Durga, give as much power you have to all girls to protect themselves from the invisible rakshasas on earth}
  5. Debajani Mohanty: [{The world which worships Mother Mary and goddess Durga also has experienced such heinous crimes against her daughters}]
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