Fourth Sunday of Advent (2024): Quotes, Love, Prayer & Images

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent (2024): Quotes, Love, Prayer & Images – is the name given to the Sunday before Christmas. The final week of the four-week countdown to Christmas is this Sunday, and many families celebrate specific customs on this day. According to popular belief, one of the earliest Christian traditions is Advent, which dates back to the fourth century. There are still many traditional Advent customs that people follow today.

On the Advent wreath, the last candle is lit. If the wreath has five candles, the final one is lit on Christmas Eve, but often, the fourth Sunday of Advent is when the final candle is lit. This final candle, known as Angel’s candle, represents the announcement of the birth of Jesus.

The fourth and last Sunday of the Advent season is scheduled for December 22, 2024. It is referred to as the Fourth Sunday of Advent. On this day, the first three candles and the fourth candle are lit. The Angel’s lamp serves as a reminder of the celestial hosts’ announcement of the birth of Christ with the words, “Behold, I bring you glad tiding of great joy!”

Fourth Sunday of Advent Theme

Preparing for the Second Coming while celebrating the First Coming of Christ at Christmas is frequently the focus of readings and sermons during Advent. Special readings are assigned for each of the four Advent Sundays to focus Christians’ attention on Jesus Christ’s first coming as a saviour and his second coming as a judge.

Outside of religious settings, keeping an advent calendar or an advent candle has become the most popular way to observe Advent in recent years. Each day in December leading up to Christmas Eve, one calendar door is opened, or part of the candle is lit. Another widespread custom involves maintaining an advent wreath with four or five candles sticking out. Different people interpret the colours connected with the candles.

History Of the Fourth Sunday of Advent

The fourth Sunday in Advent is the final day before Christmas, the occasion for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This period is also marked by celebrations of the Second Coming of Christ for several Christian churches.

One of the four Advent Candles is lit for each week of Advent, as is customary in many churches. Purple is the colour of the Advent Fourth Sunday candle. It is a peace sign. To prepare for Christmas, the fourth Sunday of Advent is generally commemorated with prayer and fasting.

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