Happy Chinese New Year (2024): Massage, Wishes & Sayings


Happy Chinese New Year 2024: Massage, Wishes & Sayings! In China, the New Year is celebrated in a slightly different way. It can be said that it is a little different from different countries. The Chinese prepare for the New Year about seven days in advance. Among them, the New Year’s joy lasts about 16 days. They specialize in these few days.

Most people celebrate the New Year in different ways. On this day, many people come to their loved ones. Many go out with their families. Most people exchange greetings. Also, many people exchange greetings with the help of social media.

Happy Chinese New Year 2024: Massages

Happy Chinese New Year Wishes 2024:

Chinese New Year Sayings

Chinese New Year Calendar

Years Animal signs Date of New Year
2022 Tiger Feb. 1, (Tuesday)
2023 Rabbit Jan. 22, (Sunday)
2024 Dragon Feb. 10, (Saturday)
2025 Snake Jan. 29, (Wednesday)
2026 Horse Feb. 17, (Tuesday)

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